Friday, February 26, 2010

Miller turns 4!

We had a great time celebrating Miller's 4th Birthday last weekend. Since we have had a winter filled with cold weather and snow, I figured that we wouldn't try to chance an outside birthday party this year. So, we planned on the sometimes dreaded Chuck E Cheese. And wouldn't you know the weather was perfect OUTSIDE, but who knew. Miller had a fun-filled time with his friends besides his moments of being scared of Chuck E himself, although I can't say I blame him:) My mom, Travis' mom and dad, sister and brother-in-law, and cousins were all able to join us.

Tate in his idea of heaven on earth-surrounded by video games. He told me after the party that he didn't just like it, he LOVED it!

After Miller was less than impressed with Chuck E, Travis took his ceremonial bite of birthday cake.

Tate and Miller looking on, happy to be out of the mouse's reach:)

Friday, January 8, 2010

More snow!

Yesterday brought us more snow, so much so that they dismissed school early yesterday and cancelled school for today. Last month when we had snow the boys didn't actually get to see the snowflakes falling, this go-round the snow kept slowly falling all afternoon.

Tate liked eating the snow:)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas and New Years

We had a wonderful Christmas together, it just keeps getting better as the boys get older. We had friends over for dinner after our church's Christmas Eve service. After the whirlwind of presents Christmas morning, we headed down to Birmingham to celebrate with my sister's family and my mom. As always, the kids loved being together and I enjoyed putting my feet up while the boys were entertained. We visited the zoo on Sunday to run off some excess energy and then headed back home.

Working on our gingerbread house

Christmas morning

Buzz times two

The Christmas dinner kids table in Birmingham

Two peas in pod-the storm trooper and the ballerina

On the train at the zoo

The sweetest teenage boy I know:)

We celebrated New Years in our traditional way with our friends Brent and Julie in Nashville. We went to the Brentwood Country Club for a fun casino night. We gambled with fake money and rang in 2010 at midnight.

As you can tell the boys weren't too sad to be left with a babysitter on New Years Eve

Brent and Julie's little girl loved Travis, we jokingly called him the baby whisperer all weekend, which is a reassuring thought as two newborns are headed our way!

Friday, December 11, 2009

December Happenings

We have been very busy this holiday season as we prepare to celebrate Jesus' Birthday. Last weekend we woke up to a wonderful surprise of snow on the ground. The boys went out to play in it and make the most of it before it melted.

We also have been decking out the house for the season. Tate and Miller both helped to decorate the tree and did a wonderful job. No ornaments were sacrificed:)

Each of the boys also have already had their Christmas programs at school. Tate's kindergarten did the "Mice Before Christmas" which was super cute. And, Miller was a shepherd in his preschool nativity program.

The boys with their friends, Ayers and Addie Grace

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tate turns 6!

Tate turned six last Thursday and we celebrated with him for a few days. I took him lunch and cupcakes to school on Thursday to celebrate with his class. Thursday night we took him to Rosie's for dinner where he had a special birthday desert. On Saturday, he had his birthday party at the bowling alley. From my perspective, it was a very easy party, all I had to bring was the birthday boy and a cake. Tate had picked out a Nascar cake from the Publix Bakery (this IS Alabama you know:). We had a great party complete with friends from the neighborhood, his preschool class, kindergarten, and some of his cousins. It was a fun day and goes without saying how shocking it is to me that my baby is 6!!

We also had visitors over the weekend from Orlando. Travis' childhood friend, John, his wife Cheyenne, and son Rulin came up just in time to see the fall leaves at their peak. We had a wonderful time showing them around our city.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Halloween Fun!

We had a great time celebrating Halloween at the boys' schools and in our neighborhood. Miller had a program at school, but I am sad too say he was too out of sorts to participate in the singing. For reasons known only to a 3 year old, he did not want to wear his costume, or go to school on Friday (which is not normally a school day for him anyways). So, he boycotted the show but did trick-or-treat around the school building and ran around with his friends. Tate had "Hooray for Hollywood" at school complete with red carpet and a limousine. They announced each child in their starring role, "Tate Alston starring as Superman." It was really fun for his class to be famous:)

Notice the boy all the way on the left, that is Dequez as President Obama. He is the funniest little boy with tons of personality, he has just the "charisma" to be a perfect Obama.

Halloween night we had our second annual neighborhood party in our next door neighbor's front yard. We had fun food to eat, chili, and the kids played games. Then we went around the neighborhood to collect our treats. It was a fun night for all!

My edible eyeballs:)

Carpool Buddies Tate, Kate, and Sam